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Masterclasses with America's No 1 Bouffon Eric Davis

Bouffon - The Anti Clown


Eric Davis is performing a run of his 50 star award winning show at the Pleasance in April/May this year.


This is more than a show, this performance can change your life. Eric lovingly bullies the audience into submission before lovingly pushing them off a cliff. What happens next is beautiful.


Tickets selling fast, available from the Pleasance website here. 


In the world of Bouffon, the audience is the joke. Bouffons show no vulnerability. Their great joy is to parody the audience, its values and flaws.


This pack of grotesque outsiders engage and parody the audience with great joy, intelligence and charm. To play as Bouffon is to celebrate paradox! They are disgusting, yet beautiful. They hate you, yet they flatter you. The Bouffons are the ultimate manipulators! A joke— told by a nightmare.


A ferocious social satire is about to explode, liberating the energy in the room with an immense pleasure to parody and to play. In these workshops participants will explore:


-Connecting with the audience

-Parodying societal maladies and hypocrisy

-Creating complex physical characters

-Playing upon contrasts of theme and rhythm

-Being 100 % present and captivating

About Eric:


Eric Davis currently resides in Los Angeles. His show, Red Bastard, has played to sold out audiences and received 5 star reviews across North America, Europe and Australia. Mr. Davis was awarded the NY Golden Nose Award for Clown of the Year in 2010 and was a 2 time Finalist for the Andy Kauffman Awards. Eric created the Role of Allen Smithee in Cirque du Soleil's IRIS and is a founder of the NY Clown Theatre Festival.  


For more on Eric's work www.redbastard.com

Email for booking details

5 Day Masterclass 5th - 9th May, London, £350

2 Day Intro 10th - 11th May, London, £150

Email for booking details

5 Day Bouffon Masterclass

5th - 9th May, 10am -5pm,London, £350

2 Day Introduction to Bouffon

10th - 11th May, 10am - 5pm, London, £150

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Photos of last workshop by Gordon Fudge